Piano Explorations – Book 1


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This book is a collection of songs I use for absolute beginner piano students as a supplement to their method books. The pieces are very short and introduce basic piano concepts such as finger numbers, beat/rhythm/counting, and the musical alphabet. Optional teacher duets and backing tracks are included.

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Taking Turns on C!

  • A single note piece
  • Right & Left Hand
  • Middle C on Treble and Bass Staff
  • The Grand Staff
  • Quarter Notes and Whole Notes
  • Whole Rests
  • Counting in 4

The Delicious Donut Dance

  • Introduces the note D and E
  • Line and Space notes
  • Introduces steps
  • Right hand Only
  • Quarter and Dotted Half notes
  • Counting in 3

Eerie Echoes

  • Introduces the note F
  • Using more than one finger
  • Minor Sounds

Super Secret Agent

    • Introduces Staccato
    • Counting in 4

Mermaid Tails

  • Counting in 4
  • Quarter, Half, and Whole Notes
  • Damper Pedal

The Oyster Crusher

  • Counting in 4
  • Staccato



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