Little Spooky Pieces ๐ŸŽƒ Beginner Piano Collection (Single Print PDF)


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These short piano pieces for beginners are fun and cute for a Halloween recital. The pieces can work as standalone solos, but sound way cooler with the teacher duets. Scroll down further on the page for a description of the pedagogical concepts for each piece!


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Little Monster

  • Counting in 4 on a steady beat with quarter notes and quarter rests
  • Using finger #3
  • Switching between right and left hand

Little Vampire

  • Playing with finger 2 and 3 on black keys
  • Switching between left and right hand

Little Ghost

  • Arm weight excercise
  • Playing slowly
  • Counting in 3

Little Witch

  • Playing a melody with RH alone
  • Option to sing along with lyrics
  • Counting in 3

Little Cat

  • A little intro to jazz
  • Eighth notes

Little Spider

  • Skipping notes
  • Shifting with a single finger
  • Quarter Rests
  • Option to sing along
  • Eighth notes

Little Mummy

  • Triplets
  • Fifths and Sixths
  • Flats
  • Shifting

Little Bat

  • A Challenging one
  • Two Note Slurs
  • Sharps
  • Shifting


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