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I’ve been enthralled with piano nocturnes since I was able to first play one. I do have a large collection of more advanced nocturnes in progress (they take me forever to compose!), but this easier one came out in the course of one day.

As it first developed, I was imagining my childhood in New England during the blistery winter months (as I seem to do often when composing).  This piece is meant on a surface level to sound like swirling wind during a frigid Nor’easter.  As someone with seasonal affective disorder,  the journey I needed to take in my mind through the entirety of winter to make it through was always challenging.

When I was composing this piece, I was also going through a dark time in my personal life that reminded me much of those long winters and how it was necessary to “keep putting one foot in front of the other” to get through the season despite the swirling negative emotions distracting me from my path. The key of F minor also always reminds me of winter for some reason!

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Nocturne in F Minor (A Winter’s Journey) – Single Print PDF
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