Snowfall at Sunrise ❄️ Winter Piano Duet (Studio License)


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A tender and contemplative winter piano duet for beginners that captures the serene beauty of a winter morning and celebrates the return of the light.

The harmonies are rich but understated. The composition is characterized by a unhurried pace and fluid transitions, allowing the listener to be enveloped in a sense of calm and contemplation.

Included in this studio licensed digital pack:

  • Primo (pre-reader)
  • Secondo
  • Worksheet
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This piece is meant to be played by a very beginning piano student with only one finger – 3rd finger. Very easy to teach by rote. Included in the sheet music pack for “Snowfall at Sunsrise” is one one primo part, one secondo part and two student coloring worksheets. This piece is in the key of C Major.

The composition opens with the secondo part (teacher) delicately introducing the motif –  a very easy rhythm based upon two half notes and a whole note. The primo part (student) enters, mimicking the same motif one octave higher.

As the student part continues to develop the motif, the teacher accompaniment opens up with warm and simple accompaniment, providing a sense of tranquility and evoking the stillness of a quiet dawn.




C Major






Studio License, Single Print PDF


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Snowfall at Sunrise Winter Piano Duet Beginner CoverSnowfall at Sunrise ❄️ Winter Piano Duet (Studio License)
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