Taking Turns on C! 🎹 Beginner Piano (Studio License)


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Many of my young students over the last few years have had trouble distinguishing left from right and high from low. This piece is my solution to that problem: a simple and fun  song with a simple melody and a funky teacher duet. The hands “take turns” on middle C with a single finger (3rd finger is recommended).

What can I teach with this song?

  • Middle C
  • Counting in 4
  • Quarter notes and Whole Notes
  • Whole Rests
  • Right and Left
  • High and Low
  • The Grand Staff


  • Student Sheet Music (PDF)
  • Piano 2 Duet part (Teacher)Sheet Music (PDF)
  • Piano 3 part (for ensemble lessons)
  • Play Along Track
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TAKING TURNS ON C! PIANO PRIMER CHRISTINA LOPRIORETaking Turns on C! 🎹 Beginner Piano (Studio License)
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